Co-Sleepers Anonymous

Hi. My name is Mommy, and I am a co-sleeper. I know, I know. My baby is 16 months-old and I haven’t broken her from my bed yet. Or maybe I haven’t broken myself from her, my personal teddy bear. (If our pediatrician is reading this, please don’t be mad at me. I just couldn’t. I did try… She’s just not ready… Okay, okay. Maybe I’m not ready… Either way, sorry, sorry, sorry!)

I know the dangers. I swore to myself co-sleeping was something I would not do. But when she was born, she was so tiny and fragile. I was paranoid of SIDS, and the easiest way to ensure she was still breathing was to have her next to me to monitor throughout the night. Needless to say, as a co-sleeping mother, I haven’t had a good night’s rest in nearly two years; however, at least I have a peace of mind that my baby is okay.

I know some think that since I haven’t gotten her out of my bed yet it will be harder later. Well, let it be harder! If she wants to sleep with me until she’s 16, I’ll let her… Because we all know that won’t be likely. I’m sure at some point, she’ll go through the stage where she doesn’t want much to do with her parents. So while she’s little now, let her be little… and let me snuggle her… and take advantage of these sweet moments that sometimes drive me crazy (literally) but won’t last forever.

Plus, she’s just so darn sweet. The way she reaches out for me when she stirs to make sure it’s okay to be asleep. I’m her security, and I am kind of proud of that. See, she needs me. And, man, it is great to feel needed. Because she won’t always need me, ya know… And, honestly, I dread the day she decides she’s too big for goodnight cuddles… the day she decides she’s too big for me.

So she is somewhat attached, she’s our first child… why shouldn’t she be? And maybe I’m overly attached, but she’s our first child… why shouldn’t I be?

On the other hand, being her co-sleeping mother has taught me a lot about parenthood and one thing I am definitely not going to do with my next child is… co-sleep! I got you next time, Doc!

But then, I’ve said that before…

2 thoughts on “Co-Sleepers Anonymous

  1. Toni says:

    Loving every minute of your precious stories, because they touch home in my heart in so many ways, thank you for bringing this part of me alive again, love you with every fiber of my being. ❤


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