Pre-Baby Promises

#1 thing I always said pre-baby went something like “my baby will sleep in the crib from night one, we will not co-sleep, co-sleeping is dangerous.” Now, 16 months post-baby, I have about 3 square inches of bed to claim as mine, because I have a little monster kicking and scooting me out of the bed each and every night. My husband says she has to be kicked out soon though, and each time he brings up the topic I find myself begging him no… After all, he’s not the head-over-the-edge, permanent crick-in-the-necked, scrunched in the fetal position, sleep-deprived parent. That would be me, and you don’t hear me complaining… much.

#2 declaration made pre-baby was “my baby will eat only organic, gluten-free meals that mainly consist of vegetables.” 16 months post-baby, I’m serving anything that will get her to take more than 3 bites and not be done. Goldfish for supper? …. Again? ….. Why not? An entire bag of yogurt melts?… Sure! Vanilla wafers? …. Okay!

#3 pre-baby proclamation was something like “my baby will be potty trained by one.” Yeah-freaking-right, pre-baby me, yeah-freaking-right.

Please tell me I’m not the only mother who has broken her own rules.

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