Ugly Mom

Ugly Mom

As a first-time mom, I come last. My well-being, my appearance, my social life. They all get put on the back burner. And that is okay with me, most days.

Do I sometimes wish I had time to floss daily, or shave my legs, or even brush my hair? Well of course, every day. But what is more important to me is my daughter’s well-being.

Also, I’m a working mom. I don’t get to be with my daughter 24/7. Therefore, I take super speedy showers… Continue reading “Ugly Mom”


Do you ever have imaginary, long talks about something you wish you could really say to someone? Like, while getting ready in the morning you have a full conversation with someone very important [the mirror] about something you would like to get off your chest? Oh… yeah, me neither.

Shower in a Box

This past weekend I had the joy of throwing a baby shower for my SIL and baby niece, Reign.

Her mama is a Kate Spade fanatic, and she is going to have the most fabulous nursery. Thus, Abbie (who helped throw the shower) and I decided make the baby shower match her nursery. We used the colors: black, white, pink, and gold. I think it turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself.


All of the decorations we used were quality items, so that Reign could use them rather than just throwing them away. For example, mini diapers cakes, a clothes line of cute/picture attire, a name sign for her nursery, etc. Reign was also showered with so many goodies and everything her little, baby heart could possibly desire.



Abbie and I worked together to throw this shower all via text, and we had a great turn out, too much food, and lots of gifts for baby Reign!  Therefore, Shower = Success!




Disclosure: my SIL’s aunt came up with this clever title 🙂