Spring Break: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Spring Break was good for this Mama’s heart and soul. Though we didn’t go anywhere too exciting, I got to spend nearly every waking moment with my baby girl.

The Good:

1. Getting to see all the new things she is learning and doing. For example, she can now make the cutest monkey sound and on command 🙂  She now also says “cheeeese” and runs to the fridge, which I find hilarious! Then said the word “poop” and counted on her fingers “1, 2, 3” So cute, right?! Although she will not do the latter two on command.

2. I got to see the prettiest smiles EVER to exist. And on command 🙂 hahaha


3. We colored Easter eggs.




4. She loved on her bubba.








5. She had fun playing with her big cousin.


6. We had a play date with Malloy. (Too busy for pictures!)

7. We got to take a family picture. (I’ll take what I can get.)




8. I got sweet lovins and she fell asleep on me like she hasn’t done in FOREVER.  I melt.



9. And we got to celebrate our Risen Lord and Savior at our amazing church.



The Bad:

  1. My little one is currently obsessed with being pushed around the house in her truck. If you decide to take a break after 30 minutes, she’s not having it…



2. She has also become infatuated with fruit snacks. This was after I refused to give her a third pouch…


3. Then, we visited the Easter bunny…



4. She also had her 18-month checkup and got a shot, which was so horrible we couldn’t snap a picture. The doctor also proceeded to tell me I had a very strong-willed child (not sure where she gets that from??) and may be considered a bit spoiled… Not my child! How dare he.


The Ugly:

Each evening this is what my house would come to. What a DISASTER!!!



So obviously the good outweighed the bad and the ugly by far. In fact, there were so many more good things that I never wanted Spring Break to end. Once again, I have to miss out on her silly stuff and new things and making sure she naps and eats right… Each work day, I will miss her miserably and anxiously await my time with her on Summer break.

We hope everyone had as good of a Spring Break as we did! Bye for now!!!



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