10 Love Songs I Dedicate to my Daughter

Dear babygirl,

Like a typical girl, I’ve grown up listening to love songs and dreaming about crushes and planning my wedding around certain songs that I would one day dedicate to the man of my dreams.

Now as a mom, I can go through that same list of songs and they have a whole new meaning… a whole new purpose… these songs don’t just represent my feelings for my husband, but in a different way reflect my feelings for my child. Weird? Maybe so. But there is no denying that I am absolutely head over heels in love with my baby girl…

Here’s a list of examples besides the obvious “There Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “You Are So Beautiful To Me” (which are some of my favorites and will be always to you):

  1. To Make You Feel My Love by Adele

Since this was my wedding song, I couldn’t leave it out. And though it still applies to your daddy, I am sure he will agree that now it has so much more meaning and can apply to you as well.

“I could offer you a warm embrace… I could hold you for a million years… I will never do you wrong… No, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do, to make you feel my love… Go to the ends of the Earth for you, to make you feel my love.”

See, sweet girl, there is nothing that I wouldn’t do to make you feel my love, so this song is 100% accurate. And I really do wish I could hold you for a million years (you’re growing up too fast).

  1. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith

Of course, I couldn’t leave this one off the list. How many parents actually “Stay awake just to hear you breathing, watch you smile while you’re sleeping”? If I had to guess, I’d guess probably most. Even just the title holds true for this mama’s heart, because “I don’t want to miss a thing”! Ever! Also, “Every moment I spend with you is a moment I treasure” speaks wonders.

  1. I’ll Be by Edwin McCain

“I’ll be your crying shoulder, I’ll be love’s suicide, I’ll be better when I’m older, I’ll be the greatest fan of your life.” In other words, I’ll be here through it all. I’ll always be your biggest fan and supporter.

  1. I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden

This song takes me back to grade school. And every word can be applied to you.

“I think I found my best friend,” “I knew I loved you before I met you, I think I dreamed you into life,” “You’re my way home,” “I knew I loved you before I met you, I have been waiting all my life,” “A thousand angels dance around you, I am complete now that I found you.”

  1. Amazed by Lonestar

As you’re learning new words constantly and becoming more capable and independent with each passing day, it’s true “Every little thing that you do, baby I’m amazed by you.”

  1. It’s Always Better When We’re Together by Jack Johnson

There are many Jack Johnson songs I could dedicate to you, but just the title of this one speaks for itself. And it’s true: everything is better when I’m with you.

  1. A Thousand Years by Christina Perry

If this song would have come out before Dad and I got married, it would have probably been one of our wedding songs as well… because I love it that much. But now I see it more as a perfect song for you, because I have loved you since I was a little girl dreaming of being your mom, and I’ll love you for a thousand years more. Plus some.

“I have died every day waiting for you, Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years, I’ll love you for a thousand more.”

  1. If Tomorrow Never Comes by Garth Brooks

Every word, darling. My greatest fear is to leave you behind not remembering how much I loved and adored you. I cry now thinking of it.

Remember me trying to “show [you] every day that [you’re] my only one” “And if my time on Earth were through, and she must face this world without me, would the love I gave her in the past be enough to last, if tomorrow never comes” Please always, always remember you are my number one and mommy loved you so completely, dearly, and unconditionally. Which leads to number nine.

  1. I’m Gonna Love You by Meghan Trainor

“So I’m gonna love you like I’m gonna lose you. I’m gonna hold you like I’m saying goodbye-eye-eye. Wherever we’re standing, I won’t take you for granted, because we’ll never know when we’ll run out of ti-i-ime.”

You probably don’t remember when daddy bought me her CD, because I had a slight obsession. And the moment I first heard this song, I decided to make it ours. And we would bump this song as well as “All About That Bass” like there was no tomorrow.


  1. I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

Now you can’t have a list of love songs without this classic. And it is true… I hope you know that Mommy will always, always, always love you.

3 thoughts on “10 Love Songs I Dedicate to my Daughter

  1. Delana says:

    You are such an amazing mom, wife, daughter,person, and lady. You bring tears of joy to my eyes and a since of pride to my heart. No words can describe the blessing you are to me.. Mason is truly blessed to have you for her momma! I love you to the moon and back baby girl!💗💗


  2. Toni says:

    You have touched so many lives in so many ways, you are truly an amazing Mommy. Love you so much, words cannot describe how truly blessed we are to have you in our lives. ❤


  3. Scottie says:

    You are beautiful inside & out! You’re such a wonderful wife & mommy. We thank God everyday for bringing you to our family. We love you all bigger than world! 😘


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