Quarter Year Milestones 

Now that my little man has been a part of the world for three months, he has grown and changed so much already.

He’s been a flirt since day one. Grinning and laughing at mommy and mostly any girl he’s come in contact with. He’s such a Mack Daddy. And he has already been giving mommy kisses these last three months. He’s quite the charmer.

His early head and neck control combined with incredible back and arm strength make for an extremely squirmy boy. We know any day now he’s going to crawl right out of our arms and make his debut in the Olympics. Probably tomorrow actually…

That head control. Let’s talk about tummy time. He’s not a fan, but he KILT it. Upper body strength and head control for daaaaaayyyyyyys.

And he already tries to sit up… (What?! He’s too little for that!) But this guy is bound and determined.

Talking. Since just a couple of weeks old, he already fluently speaks his own language. (I know what you’re thinking… WHAAAT??? You don’t say!… But it is so, totally true!) Using his early developed language skills proves that he is one smart cookie. And when he’s well rested he’s such a comedian. He’s constantly cracking the funniest jokes, making everyone laugh.

Also he has graduated from sneezing in threes to only once or twice… sometimes. (He’s been a sneezer since he was born–gets it from his daddy).

I’m not sure what newborns dream about, but man it must be funny. He’s been chuckling (the cutest sounds ever) in his sleep since we brought him home. And now that he’s three months, his laughter is more intentional and more contagious. (And no one can make him laugh like his sissy can! She’s one silly girl!)

Toys and activities. This boy has to be constantly on the move. He loves to swing, walk around, dance, and gaze at all of the toys he can’t wait to get his hands on… He has started grabbing his toys and loves his play mat Uncle Matt got him the most!! And bath time is his absolute favorite.

Emotions. He may be a little boy, but he has BIG emotions. He is the happiest baby I have EVER seen… He can also become the angriest baby I have EVER seen. He’s very particular, and if you do something he doesn’t like, he will definitely let you know about it. I believe he gets his quick temper from his daddy!

He has also survived RSV (Praise the Lord!!!) in his few short months out of the womb. He is one strong boy! The past couple of weeks, he has started singing himself to sleep… (when he’s not fighting it). And his vocals are out of this world.

At night, he cannot go to sleep without mommy holding his hand. And I’m afraid he’s going to be a hair twirler just like his sissy. He is starting to look more like a little boy every day… and less like a baby. (It’s going too fast!) He is my sweet, sweet boy. He amazes me daily, and he is so, SO, very loved!!!

(He can also pass gas like a full grown man… Better chalk that up as a milestone!!)



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