Half-Year Milestones

At six months, my growing boy still fluently speaks a very intriguing language. His little voice is so beautiful, and he still sings himself to sleep. He is learning English, his second language (the brilliant mastermind!) and has already learned two words in his short time with us. His favorite word to say is “Hi!” He is also a fan of “Dada…dadadada!”

He rolls this way and that way and over here and over there. Boy, does he roll.

He loves to jump. In his jumper… on your lap… in the air. He is a jumping machine! I predict he will win some high jumps or long jumps one day…

Players gon’ play… and he is definitely a PLAY-ER!!! Trucks, balls, animals, books, anything that moves… he gon’ play with it.

Mastering activity centers, specifically with piano, he plays the notes in true Mozart fashion. Such a great talent at such a young age.

He also went on his first beach vacation, and he made girlfriends EVERYWHERE he went… (the plane, the pool, the restaurants, EVERYWHERE). The ladies love him! (but who can blame them?! (Insert all the heart eyes!!))

He loves his doggies, his feet, and is still obsessed with his sister. I could go on and on and on about all of the amazing things he’s doing and learning and all of the wonderful ways he’s growing and changing, but it’s best to see it for yourself. He is truly one of a kind, and we are absolutely crazy about him! He’s our best boy…


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