Three-Quarter Milestones

My baby boy is growing entirely too quickly… He is doing new things daily, and time seriously needs to slow down. The past three months he’s grown so much mentally… but only a pound and half an inch physically. He’s still a big boy for his age though!

Now, he attempts to wave when you say “hi” or “bye.” He doesn’t have it perfected, but it’s still super cute.

He loves to sing and dance. Anything with a beat will get him going… Although, he absolutely loves what his sister calls the “Bobby Bones song” (one of Rizzo’s at-bat songs). I guess he might prefer techno/dance music? I’m not sure what genre it is actually, but I do know he’s got the ultimate moves… and is so stinking adorable.

Recently, he has also developed an appreciation for art. He loves to study pictures, portraits, and especially paintings. Quite the inquisitive mind he has…

Shortly after six months, he started climbing out of your lap down to the floor… Literally, like army crawling backwards all the way down. He thinks it is hilarious when he escapes naptime this way and really thinks he is grown… Just working on that physique I guess 😉

I will be the first to tell you, he has always been a loud mouth (gets it from his Daddy ;P). He loves to yell to wake up his sister, he loves to yell when he wakes up, he loves to yell when you’re not doing something right. I’m not sure exactly what he is yelling, because I have yet to master his first language… But, he is saying something alright… and saying it LOUDLY. #LoudAndProud

Something else he gets from his dad is his quick temper. When he gets mad, he gets MAD. And you bet he’s going to tell you about, tell EVERYONE about it. When he gets frustrated because you’re not listening to him or he can’t master something he’s trying to do, he’s going to tell you about it… (His temper is different from his yelling, so I had to make a different section just for it).

He still loves the ladies and continues to flirt. But he is also a Papa’s boy… He says “Papa” now in English, as well as “Nana,” (came before Papa) and “Bah-Bah” (bye).

Food. (This attribute he acquired from his mama). He absolutely loves food. All of it. Green beans, squash, carrots, oatmeal, vegetable soup. He loves trying new things and dances when something is too yummy… Just like his mama. I’m glad we share this mutual affection for food.

My boy is all over the place! He’s pulling up (very shakily/wobbly), which scares me to death. But he finds my worry humorous, and thinks he’s a big boy.


He’s still the happiest baby. He still thinks his sister is the silliest person ever. And he still has me wrapped around his finger.

Happy 9 months to my best boy

One thought on “Three-Quarter Milestones

  1. Mom says:

    He is such a smart baby boy and definitely his momma and daddy’s son. He’s his nanas boy too😘❤️. I love you to the moon and back Mattox Blake


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