Year One Milestones

My tiny, baby newborn has officially been among us muggles for an entire year (and two days) now.  (A year that flew by like the speed of light, if you ask me… Seriously, the shortest year. of. my. life.) During this year, baby brother has developed and changed so much (but he is still and always will be my tiny, baby newborn).

Socially: he brings all the peeps to the yard. Can you say MAAACK-DADDYYYY?? He loves to flirt, he loves attention, and he loves to talk-talk-talk. Although much of his blabber is still in his first language, he is catching onto English rather quickly. He has the cutest “moo” I’ve ever seen (y’all, I mean this “moo” is adorable!) and also has an award-winning monkey sound!

Physically: He is still the playtime champ, though his favorite activity may just be rearranging furniture. He loves to play with balls, balloons, cars, anything that plays music (boy can daaaance), and his sister’s kitchen. He has two top teeth (since 10.5m) and almost two bottom, but the boy can EAT! Whatever we’re having, he’s having. He is already a foodie (just like his mommy). He crawls and cruises seamlessly, can stand alone, and is so close to walking unassisted… ANY day now… (Time, please, please, please slow down).

[[[He’s also battled RSV, 3 ear infections, and pneumonia. Mommy’s poor, little, tough guy.]]]

Mentally: The kid loves reading (book after book after book), studying art, and advancing his vocabulary. This mama thinks he’s a genius(but I may or may not be bias). Either way, there’s no denying he is one intelligent tiny, baby, newborn, being.

He is one of my biggest blessings and strongest loves. I am completely smitten, wrapped, swoon, head over boots. It’s that can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, World Series kind of stuff… I love you, baby boy (and always will).

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