To Our Babysitter

Hi, sweet kid.

I know you have other ways you could spend your weekend, so thank you for choosing to spend part of it with my babies. Babysitting might be just a job for you–a way to pay for gas or to earn some extra money… but to me it’s way more than a job…

It took me a while to get to this point, you know. I am over the top Type-A when it comes to my children… and I don’t trust them with many people… for a while, not any people. But I’m trusting you now. These are my greatest gifts in life, and now I’m giving them to you for the afternoon.

That’s a huge job.

For four or five whole hours I will be gone, leaving my whole world in your care. For those hours, you are everything. It might seem that I’m making a desperate attempt at escape as soon as you get there, (and I may actually be doing this) but I’m also ripping myself away from my entire heart and soul. I’m trusting you to take my place and supervise, play, feed, nurture, and protect them as I would. So that’s not just a job…

That’s colossal.

I know high school can be tough. I know school, sports, and friends keep you extremely busy. I know you’re under pressure to fit in and “be cool” on top of worrying about grades and thinking about colleges. I get it. I was you once.

But please give them your attention. Forget about your crush and phone for a few hours. Because do you have any idea how much my children look up to you? How my daughter squeals, “MY BABYSITTER IS HERE!!” over and over at the top of her lungs each time the doorbell rings? How much they love your attention? To them, you are a super star. You are their homecoming king, football captain, and voted most popular at my house.

You are their role model.

So please show them how to be kind and encouraging. They are watching your every move and listening to your every word. Not only that, but their little memories are absorbing these moments with you. So please choose your words and actions carefully while you are with them.

I appreciate you. I need you to know this. Because I also know you’re trying to be who everyone expects you to be while trying to stay true to who you really are. I know high school is stressful, but I’m telling you are wonderful in every way. God made you who you are for a reason, on purpose. Don’t let anyone change you.

You matter. You make a difference.

Thank you for being you, and thank you for loving my kids.



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