He Won’t Remember…

He won’t remember how easy he made his pregnancy and birth for me. Hardly five pushes and we were on the same team from the very start.

He won’t remember the way my heart stopped when I didn’t hear his cries fill the room, cries that I had been anticipating from my newborn baby. How he was my constant source of calm.

He won’t remember me cradling him next to my heart and whispering, “Hi, baby,” to the newest love of my life.

He won’t remember the way he completed a piece of me I didn’t even know was missing. Or how he made my heart full and my life whole.

He won’t remember the way I brush the hair off his forehead… or the way we lock eyes and our souls connect.

He won’t remember the way I nuzzle him and our hearts touch. Or how we can communicate with just a look without ever saying a word.

He won’t remember all the cuddles and kisses I steal while he is fast asleep.

He won’t remember the way he is constantly in my arms, on my hip, right next to me and close to my heart at all times. The way I think about him all day and can never get enough of his sweet baby loves.

He won’t remember how cute his tiny, toothy grin is or the way I kiss his sugar bowl and his sweet giggles fill my heart.

He won’t remember the way he started gaining more independence by crawling and cruising and walking, and with each step my heart took flight as well. Or how I held my breath with each stumble or fall until I saw his smile again.

He won’t remember how my heart both broke and grew each time he reached a new milestone. The way time raced by and stole his youth from me.

He won’t remember me tracing his every curve and curl and his baby soft skin, praying for time to slow down so I can just keep him little a little while longer.

He won’t remember me staring, absorbing, memorizing each of his tiny features, knowing that one day they won’t be so tiny. Knowing that one day he will outgrow me…

He won’t remember these things, but I will never forget. ❤

(Happy 15-months of life to my “Itsy-Bitsy Spider”-lovin, hat-wearin, ABC-singin, book readin, bear-growlin Mr. BossMan. You are my sunshine, and I love you more than you will ever know.)

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