She Won’t Remember…

She won’t remember how anxious I was to be in labor, anticipating her arrival. How I whispered, “We can do this,” to her during each push.

She won’t remember the stress and shakes my body endured or the added worry her own stress caused as she was coming into this world.

She won’t remember the relief that rushed through my body when her cries filled the room… and my heart. Or the way I nustled her face to mine as I marveled at my new creation.

She won’t remember the number of times I repeated “I love you” every single day of her new, little life.

She won’t remember the first time she touched my face in acknowledgement and the way I could feel her tiny fingers grasping my heart in that very same moment.

She won’t remember the way I hovered as she learned to crawl, and then again as she learned to walk… or the way I never took my eyes off her.

She won’t remember throwing her head back and laughing at all of the silly things she came up with… or the sweet way she took care of her own baby dolls.

She won’t remember the kisses I stole in our game “Just Oooone Kiss” when I always cheated and actually stole 100.

She won’t remember the heartache I felt about her losing her role as my one and only… or the joy I felt when she immediately adored her baby brother.

She won’t remember the prayers I pray for her heart and her soul… or how often I second guess myself and pray I’m getting this right.

She won’t remember asking to be held or the way I actually needed her more than she needed me…

She won’t remember these things, but I will never forget. ❤


Happy 3.5 years of silly, sweet life, my love.

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