To the Girl I Called the Cops On

Dear Student,

I can’t imagine living in a world with you not it in.

High school is tough… You’re still trying to figure out exactly who you are and where you belong, but the thing you need to remember is that you do belong. You were created for a reason, a purpose. You matter.

Brushing things off and making them seem like nothing is your forte. But I know you, and I know if you say you’re not okay, you’re not okay… no matter how many times you can convince everyone else you are fine, I’m not as easily convinced.

I do want you to know I am here for you, and I care about you. I am beyond grateful that you trust me enough to tell me things… and I’m sorry I don’t always have all the answers and that I’m not always qualified enough to confide these things in… Sometimes adults need help dealing with things too, you know.

Be confident. You were fearfully and wonderfully made; there can never be a better you. You are beautiful, smart, kind, compassionate, endearing… You are amazing. You just have to realize that for yourself and trust God to comfort you when you’re feeling low. We’ve talked about praying before, so let’s pray now together.

Father God, My heart is heavy and I feel like I’m living in darkness. I feel so many things, and still sometimes I feel nothing. Lord, I ask that you would help me find my way back to the light. You are the only light than can shine through the darkness I feel. I’m calling out to you, Lord. Please help me, come to me, let me feel your spirit. I haven’t felt it in so long and I need You. Let me feel You with me. Let me feel Your blessings and comfort. I pray for strength and courage and for You to bridge the gap I feel between us. Help me to see myself through Your eyes and to understand that I am enough… that You are enough, that You are everything I need and more. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

If you can make it through high school, you can make it through anything. You’re tough stuff and worth more than you can even comprehend. Don’t give up, buttercup.

-Mrs. R

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