Three Unromantic Reasons I Love My Husband

While the majority of my blog is dedicated to my children, I think giving credit to my significant other is also necessary… at times 😉 After all, he takes care of us, makes sure our needs are met, and loves us so well… (and he’s pretty dreamy ❤ )… But romance aside, he’s also an amazing father, friend, leader, provider, and partner.

Here are my top three (unromantic) reasons I love my husband:

1. He’s a superb business partner.

He handles our finances seamlessly, and I can always trust him to make the wisest financial decisions. If I was gifted a million dollars, I’d consider myself lucky to be able to share it with someone who is going to make sure it’s invested in ways to last our family many generations. (Because of his decisions, we will be student loan free in five years- like that’s unheard of!) Let’s just say he impresses me… majorly! He’s got a way with handling our budget… even though sometimes I want to strangle our budget to death (like when I want to impulse buy a 9×12 rug for our living area), but he always has our family’s best interest in mind and at heart. He works so hard to make sure our needs are met and dreams come true. I appreciate him more than he will ever know for taking care of us like he does.

2. He’s also a pretty bomb parenting partner.

It’s nice to have someone who believes in the same parenting style you do. Someone to back you up when a tantrum is thrown or a bedtime resisted. Believe it or not, I’m the mean one most of the time. My professional, stoic husband is actually the fun one when it comes to our children. He’s the first to want to go to the park or battle the Chuck E. Cheese crowd, and my kids love absolutely love it and adore him… who can blame them really?Sometimes parenting is a balancing act, and sometimes it’s all about someone having your back. I feel extremely lucky that my husband has my back on the things that matter most to me and balances me out when I’ve been sleep deprived and stuck in the house too long. And the way he actually desires meaningful connections with his kids and actively pursues relationships with each of them just makes me love him that much more. I’m one lucky lady. 

3. He’s truly the best life partner. 

He doesn’t just have my back when it comes to the kids; he has my back when it comes to my job, my hobbies, my travels, and my dreams. He listens to me when I’m “yappy” (or, at least, pretends to), defends me to the fullest, makes me feel safe, and loves me beyond reason. He knows my heart like no other and loves me for me. He urges me to be my best and pushes me to live more… And I get to do life with this man, y’all! ❤

Happy Anniversary, my love! Thank you for loving us so perfectly.


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