On Turning Two

Two. This was the hardest birthday for me yet… With this year comes less baby and more independence, more big boy. And I’m not sure I’m ready for that just yet.

Let’s talk about the past year:

You were talking in sentences by 21 months. You said “I want me” instead of “I want you” when you wanted to be held, and I always wanted you, every single time.

I want to remember our ice cream after school days, when I’d forget to ask for a regular lid on your shake… so you could get extra messy, dipping your tiny fingers into the cool whip and declare “Mmmmm! Nummy!”

I love how you pat me and rub me softly when you’re sleepy and you want to be cuddled… And how sometimes you gently tickle yourself to sleep.

Halloween is your favorite holiday. You still beg to go trick-or-treating all the time! Pleeeeeeeease!! And always choose to wear your pumpkin shirt when you have the choice… even when it’s Christmas.

You are my roaring, stomping, dinosaur-loving boy who likes to scare us… but then likes to turn around and save us in your superhero gear.

If I said you were the coolest kid in the world, that would even be an understatement… you are just so cool, bub. You are my Mr. Personality.

Health: the past month you’ve been pretty sick. I am worried about you, and I’m scared. You’ve had stomach issues over half of the days this past month. I’m hoping the doctor can figure out what’s wrong with my boy, so we can get you better. You’ve also lost nearly 5 pounds… and you’re already on the little side.

You are obsessed with any game you get to play ball: basketball, baseball, “soccer rocker”, golf, catch, etc. You even enjoy videos of kids playing ball and talking about balls and opening balls and rolling balls… You are all boy and we didn’t even have to try. You even trick sissy into going upstairs to play “bahbies” and then just play basketball or catch with Reba instead.

You love loving (and tormenting) our dogs too. You’re your sister’s biggest fan and best friend. Y’all play together so well, but y’all can also irritate each other so well!

You love to dance and sing (baby shark, finger family, EIEIO, ABC, anything really). And for a while now you’ve been counting to 14, 15, sometimes 16… but only when you feel like it.

My prayer for you:

Father God,

Thank you for allowing us to celebrate Mattox another year. Thank you for blessing us with this joyful ray of light. I pray for blessings and joy to fill his life. I’m so grateful you entrusted me with this wonderful gift. I pray for his continual protection, Father. I ask that you heal his little body and keep him safe from sickness, harm, and danger. Guard his mind, his heart, and his steps. Lead him to You, Lord. Let him have a good year of growth full of people who love him and who will encourage him, understand him, and have a positive influence over his life, Lord. I pray that he will grow to have a heart for You and be a leader of men. I thank You for Mattox, for loving him with unconditional love, and for the promises You have spoken over his life. 

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

I feel so lucky to be your mommy. I adore you, bubba, and love you more than you will ever know.



2 thoughts on “On Turning Two

  1. Mom says:

    Aww bubbie is truly a Blessing to us all and we love him with our whole hearts. You’re a great momma and I’m so grateful, thankful and Blessed that you’re my baby girl. God is our miracle worker and he’s gonna do Big things in Bub and his life. I know so, because he says so in his word. Love you with my whole heart


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