Thank You, Sweet Baby Jesus, for These Mommy Treasures

Thank you to the great Lord above for these too-overlooked inventions many moms (myself included) too often take for granted.

  1. The woombie: a straight jacket made especially for infants. I mean what other option does it give them besides to go to sleep? Seriously. This creation was definitely heaven-sent!
  2. The nose frida, aka the nose sucker. Gives you a vivid image of exactly what is being extracted from your little ones’ noses… By your mouth! I’m a super fan of this miraculous creation. It’s the only time your amount of success is dependent upon the amount of snot you can suck out of another human’s nasal cavity… with your mouth! Super, sticky, monster boogie? Snot that seems to stretch at least a foot? Winner, winner chicken dinner!! But seriously, a life saver! (and works extra great when paired with the wombie). Did I mention you suck out snot… with your mouth?!
  3. Baby fingernail clippers. The tiny contraption which removes the razor sharp weapons growing from your child’s fingers.
  4. Shells and cheese, fruit snacks, and Popsicles. Because if it weren’t for these not-so nutritious foods, I’m not sure my child would ever eat.
  5. Gripe water: the miracle worker in liquid form. For eliminating gas, fussiness, and any other negative elements coming from your baby and morphing your child into the easy, compliant, go-with-the-flow baby you never knew existed.
  6. Last but definitely not least and though uncomfortable, Spanx and sports bras. For somehow managing to suck in the distorted pieces of your new “mom bod” and putting things [close enough to] back in place for at least a little while 😉

New Life

If you have been following my blog, you’ve seen a previous post about the shower I threw for my SIL and niece.

Well, baby Reign was born yesterday at 6:41 p.m. She weighs 7 pounds 10 ounces. The perfect little size. And she had the perfect little voice and the perfect color. She is beautiful and absolutely perfect!

I cannot wait for my daughter to meet her new little cousin. I hope they are best friends and always stick up for each other and always want the best for each other. Oh, I can’t wait to document their love and friendship over the years.

Anyways, we are beyond thrilled to welcome this new little life to the world! Celebration is definitely in order!

Spring Break: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Spring Break: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Spring Break was good for this Mama’s heart and soul. Though we didn’t go anywhere too exciting, I got to spend nearly every waking moment with my baby girl.

The Good:

1. Getting to see all the new things she is learning and doing. For example, she can now make the cutest monkey sound and on command 🙂  She now also says “cheeeese” and runs to the fridge, which I find hilarious! Then said the word “poop” and counted on her fingers “1, 2, 3” So cute, right?! Although she will not do the latter two on command.

2. I got to see the prettiest smiles EVER to exist. And on command 🙂 hahaha


3. We colored Easter eggs.




4. She loved on her bubba.








5. She had fun playing with her big cousin.


6. We had a play date with Malloy. (Too busy for pictures!)

7. We got to take a family picture. (I’ll take what I can get.)




8. I got sweet lovins and she fell asleep on me like she hasn’t done in FOREVER.  I melt.



9. And we got to celebrate our Risen Lord and Savior at our amazing church.



The Bad:

  1. My little one is currently obsessed with being pushed around the house in her truck. If you decide to take a break after 30 minutes, she’s not having it…



2. She has also become infatuated with fruit snacks. This was after I refused to give her a third pouch…


3. Then, we visited the Easter bunny…



4. She also had her 18-month checkup and got a shot, which was so horrible we couldn’t snap a picture. The doctor also proceeded to tell me I had a very strong-willed child (not sure where she gets that from??) and may be considered a bit spoiled… Not my child! How dare he.


The Ugly:

Each evening this is what my house would come to. What a DISASTER!!!



So obviously the good outweighed the bad and the ugly by far. In fact, there were so many more good things that I never wanted Spring Break to end. Once again, I have to miss out on her silly stuff and new things and making sure she naps and eats right… Each work day, I will miss her miserably and anxiously await my time with her on Summer break.

We hope everyone had as good of a Spring Break as we did! Bye for now!!!




Do you ever have imaginary, long talks about something you wish you could really say to someone? Like, while getting ready in the morning you have a full conversation with someone very important [the mirror] about something you would like to get off your chest? Oh… yeah, me neither.

Shower in a Box

This past weekend I had the joy of throwing a baby shower for my SIL and baby niece, Reign.

Her mama is a Kate Spade fanatic, and she is going to have the most fabulous nursery. Thus, Abbie (who helped throw the shower) and I decided make the baby shower match her nursery. We used the colors: black, white, pink, and gold. I think it turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself.


All of the decorations we used were quality items, so that Reign could use them rather than just throwing them away. For example, mini diapers cakes, a clothes line of cute/picture attire, a name sign for her nursery, etc. Reign was also showered with so many goodies and everything her little, baby heart could possibly desire.



Abbie and I worked together to throw this shower all via text, and we had a great turn out, too much food, and lots of gifts for baby Reign!  Therefore, Shower = Success!




Disclosure: my SIL’s aunt came up with this clever title 🙂

The Real Reason Moms Get Angry at Their Kids

You thought you were a calm and peaceful person… until you had kids. Now, there are times when you feel you are an angry mom with a few common triggers and you feel guilty. Don’t fret, there’s a big reason many mothers get angry and the solution might be easier than you think. My jumbo-half-full glass of Diet Coke poured off my bedside table… Onto the carpet… And the nearby power strip. I jumped up explosively from the bed, threw my hands in the air, and yelled, ‘Again!!!’ My 12-month-old stood by giggling, trying to eat the ice. The ice that

Source: The Real Reason Moms Get Angry at Their Kids