Thank You, Sweet Baby Jesus, for These Mommy Treasures

Thank you to the great Lord above for these too-overlooked inventions many moms (myself included) too often take for granted. 

  1. The woombie: a straight jacket made especially for infants. I mean what other option does it give them besides to go to sleep? Seriously. This creation was definitely heaven-sent!
  2. The nose frida, aka the nose sucker. Gives you a vivid image of exactly what is being extracted from your little ones’ noses… By your mouth! I’m a super fan of this miraculous creation. It’s the only time your amount of success is dependent upon the amount of snot you can suck out of another human’s nasal cavity… with your mouth! Super, sticky, monster boogie? Snot that seems to stretch at least a foot? Winner, winner chicken dinner!! But seriously, a life saver! (and works extra great when paired with the wombie). Did I mention you suck out snot… with your mouth?!
  3. Baby fingernail clippers. The tiny contraption which removes the razor sharp weapons growing from your child’s fingers.
  4. Shells and cheese, fruit snacks, and Popsicles. Because if it weren’t for these not-so nutritious foods, I’m not sure my child would ever eat.
  5. Gripe water: the miracle worker in liquid form. For eliminating gas, fussiness, and any other negative elements coming from your baby and morphing your child into the easy, compliant, go-with-the-flow baby you never knew existed.
  6. Last but definitely not least and though uncomfortable, Spanx and sports bras. For somehow managing to suck in the distorted pieces of your new “mom bod” and putting things [close enough to] back in place for at least a little while 😉

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